Reclaimed Water

CCMA's regional reclaimed water program, which began in 1998, provides customers with water for year around irrigation, reducing dependency on the local water supply while maintaining aesthetic landscaping.

Recycled water is most commonly used for non-potable (not for drinking) purposes, such as agriculture, landscape, public parks, and golf course irrigation.

Other non-potable applications include cooling water for power plants and oil refineries, industrial processes, dust control, construction activities, concrete mixing, and artificial lakes.


Benefits of using reclaimed water:

  • Reduces strain on public drinking water supply
  • Typically provided at a lower cost than potable water
  • Does not fall under the same water restriction as potable water during times of conservation

Current users of reclaimed water include

  • Olympia Hills Golf Course
  • The Forum Shopping Center
  • Mortellaro’s Nursery
  • Randolph Oaks Golf Course
  • Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD athletic complex

Please Contact Brandon Bradley, Utility Director with CCMA, for inquiries on Reclaimed Water.

(210) 658-6241